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WV Recovery Coach Association

Supporting the CCAR© trained Recovery Coach Community in West Virginia through shared personal development, communication, education and innovation.


The West Virginia Recovery Coach Association is a professional association of trained CCAR© Recovery Coaches. Local chapters of the WVRLCA meet monthly with the goal of shared education, advocacy, mentorship, and most important: self-care.  We are networked with over 1400 members and 25 local chapters of this state wide organization have formed throughout West Virginia.


We also include the WVRCA GRaCE Professional Recovery Coach chapter.  These Recovery Coaches serve in the medical community connecting recoverees to our greater community and the services they request.


*The only requirement to become a regular member of the West Virginia Recovery Coach Association is that you have completed CCAR© Recovery Coach Academy.  


*To become part of a GRaCE chapter of the WVRCA, you must have completed the Advanced Medical Recovery Coach Academy.

WV Recovery Coach Association Application

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GRaCE Recovery Coach Agreement

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