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Recovery/Life Coaches promote change by removing barriers and obstacles to change and recovery, by empowering people who are seeking change. The Recovery Coach I/Life Coach I training focuses on providing individuals with the skills needed to guide and support anyone who would like to improve their life. Recovery Coach I/Life Coach I prepares participants by honing active listening, asking appropriate questions and discovering ways to help the coachee manage their own issues and discover resources. After completing this class, students are then required to complete 16 clinical training hours. Once all requirements are completed, students receive three third-party college credits from Blue Ridge Community and Technical College.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Describe the role of the Recover/Life Coach and functions

  • List the components, core values and guiding principles of recovery

  • Build skills to enhance relationships

  • Understand the impact of stigma.

  • Explore many dimensions of change and coaching

  • Discover attitudes about self-disclosure and sharing your story

  • Understand Asset Based Community Development

  • Describe the stages of change and their applications

  • Increase their awareness of culture, power and privilege

  • Explore Trauma, ACE’s and resilience

  • Address ethical and boundary issues

  • Experience goals setting and planning

  • Practice newly acquired skills


This training is for anyone who is interested in becoming a Recovery or Life Coach. This training utilizes a dynamic approach to learning that blends both process and content.

Each student will receive the following with the completion of this course:

  • Recovery Coach I certificate

  • Life Coach I certificate

  • Three college credits from Blue Ridge Community and Technical College

  • Membership to your local West Virginia Recovery Coach Association

  • Naloxone training


To date, the West Virginia Recovery Coach Academy has trained over 1,500 Recovery Coaches since February 2018, including Recovery/Life Coach Academy, Emergency Department Recovery Coaches, Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches, Professionalism for Recovery Coaches, and MAT.  

In conjunction with Blue Ridge Community and Technical College we offer up to 3 college credits with Recovery/Life Coach Academy, and 4 college credits with our Advanced Medical Recovery Coach Academy class.

We currently empower the following coaches:

GRaCE Community Coach- a coach who has completed Recovery/Life Coach Academy and is volunteering in the role of a Recovery/Life Coach in their community.

GRaCE RCP (Recovery Coach Professional) Coach- a coach who has completed the Advanced Recovery/Life Coach Academy and is volunteering in the role of a Recovery/Life Coach in a professional setting (i.e. Courts, hospitals, QRT, etc),

GRaCE Youth Life Coach- High School Students who have completed the Recovery/Life Coach Academy and are volunteering as a Life Coach within an educational setting.

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