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WV Recovery Coach Academy



“Anyone interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles to recovery and serving as a personal guide and mentor for people seeking or already in recovery.”

 The CCAR/CART* Recovery Coach Academy curriculum is recognized in all fifty states.


We strive "to end discrimination surrounding addiction and recovery, open new doors and remove barriers to recovery, maintain and sustain recovery regardless of the pathway, all the while ensuring that all people in recovery, and people seeking recovery, are treated with dignity and respect.”*


The West Virginia Recovery Coach Academy recognizes that you are in recovery if you say you are, and there are many pathways of recovery. We understand that you are unique and will support you in your path to recovery.


To date, the West Virginia Recovery Coach Academy has trained over 1,400 Recovery Coaches since February 2018, including Recovery Coach Academy, Emergency Department Recovery Coaches, Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaches, Professionalism for Recovery Coaches, and MAT.  

In conjunction with Blue Ridge Community and Technical College we offer 3 college credits with Recovery Coach Academy, and 4 college credits with our Advanced Medical Recovery Coach Academy class.

We currently empower the following coaches:

GRaCE Community Coach- a coach who has completed Recovery Coach Academy and is volunteering in the role of a Recovery/Life Coach in their community.

GRaCE RCP (Recovery Coach Professional) Coach- a coach who has completed the Advanced Recovery Coach Academy and is volunteering in the role of a Recovery/Life Coach in a professional setting (i.e. Courts, hospitals, QRT, etc),

GRaCE Youth Life Coach- High School Students who have completed the Recovery Coach Academy and are volunteering as a Life Coach within an educational setting. 

*CCAR/CART (Connecticut Community for Addiction Recovery/Center for Addiction Recovery Training)

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